We just finished our second trip and the action continued, where it left off on the last trip. A lot of familiar faces are back at Guadalupe. Our boys, Don Julian, Horizon, Kenric, Geoff Nuttall Mike, Drogin Thor and Micks are all back and Lamini, a little female from last season was also around. We counted a total of 15 named sharks, along with 4 new ones and a few we haven’t identified yet.

There seems to be a lot of fighting going on at Guadalupe right now. Many sharks are sporting brand new bite marks. I saw Horizon take a big chunk out of a bigger sharks head, which is very unusual, since the hierarchy is usually established based on size. (we haven’t identified the bigger shark yet) Chuggy, who we talked about last season, having recovered from a nasty bite to his head, came by with some very fresh bite marks on his face. The big gash from 2 seasons ago, is now just visible as a black scar.

With all that fighting going on, I hope that those idiots who dive outside the cages, thinking the sharks are accepting them as one of their own, are wrong. I have seen, what those sharks do to smaller sharks and those guys would indeed be very, very small sharks.

Oh, did I mention that the sharks got close?

We are just about to board another group of divers. I will update you on our season, when we get back in 5 days.

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver

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