On our recent expedition to Guadalupe Island, we had a couple of talented amateur photographers on board. Kyle and Tiffany Chapman. They documented their "real shark week" with these pictures, all taken with a Gopro!

As you can see, the sharks have been very cooperative so far this season. They are coming right up to the cages and are checking out our diver. When the swim by, they look you straight into the eyes. I can never get too much of that.

We have already found 6 new sharks and 15 that we know from previous seasons have returned so far. I can't wait to go back tonight and see, who else is showing up.

We have only 4 spaces left for this season, on our November 5 expedition, that we just added 3 weeks ago. Reserve your space, before it is too late. Call 855.987.4275 for more information, or email us at staff@sharkdiver.com

Martin Graf
Shark Diver

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