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Shark Diving Film and TV Productions

30 years later

You have come to the right place for productions with sharks. For the past decade Shark Diver has been enabling unique film, television, and commercial moments underwater. You have probably seen our work.

Due to unprecedented demand by production companies for our shark diving team Shark Diver created a full service shark production support company in 2002. With rave reviews for our services based on safety, site management, and budget constraint we’ll get you the sharks when you want – on time and on budget.

Shark Diver crews have created shark productions for many of the major networks, commercials, mainstream media outlets, and documentary crews globally. Our focus is on solid story telling, unique destinations, and the broad based appeal of in-your-face sharks. From scripts, to site selections, to species interactions and underwater set design we have done it all.

We can show you how to shoot better productions with sharks. Shark Diver has been the go-to shark services company for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week anchor commercials for the past two years, with Gillette 2011 and VW 2012 seen by 30 million viwers nationwide.

We have worked successfully with SPIKE TV, The MythBusters, CNN, Ushuaia TV, Yes/No Productions, ABC News, AT and T, Bacardi, Ford Motor Cars, Discovery Network, National Geographic, Volkswagon and many, many more. It’s all in the budget, crews, shark sites and stories we put together with you. Let’s face it, after 30 years of shark programming the viewing public is savvy about sharks and we’ll show you how to give them something new.

Shark Diver brings together a wide selection of diverse and recognized talent in underwater film and television. Our mission is to bring you the tools and talent you need within the desired time frame and budget, and give you tangible results for any underwater shark project you have in mind. We source dive crews of any size, design and fabricate cage systems, source vessels and develop complete underwater dive sites and new shark sites all tailored to your specific needs and requests. We can also act on a consultation basis providing you with qualified shark experts when you need them for any project.

Full shark production support means that your dollars go further and you have the shark diving crews, the gear, and the local expertise that you need to get the job done. We also have budget minded staff and a relaxed can-do attitude towards shoots. Shark diving is our business and we take it seriously.

Marine Services Company

We not only have some of the best shark sites with 100 foot visibility and guaranteed sharks, but we’re also a full service marine company. From multiple vessel assets we are a one stop shop for all your marine services.  Each vessel in the Shark Diver fleet has its own characteristics. Depending on your budget, your timeline, and your needs, chances are we have the vessels for you at the budget you can afford.

Field Operations Manager

A degree in marine biology and over ten years of field experience working with various species of sharks makes our Field Operations Manager Luke Tipple a valuable and experienced addition to your team. An experienced professional diver and crew member he will aid your team in getting the shots you need and wrapping in time.

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