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San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico
Deeply-Touching Gray Whale Encounters

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Our shark divers come from near and far to experience something many only talk about, to experience their own real shark week. Those who take the leap of faith to live a dream to dive with apex predators, simply love sharks and are fascinated by their mystery. Many have held an ongoing curiosity of sharks since childhood or have placed the idea of diving at the top of their bucket list. Now, we have made it easy to travel from home to the ocean, to dive with these massive fish of the deep.

We created Shark Diver just for you! Nearly 2 decades and thousands of newly minted shark divers later, we are still going strong. It is our desire to spill our love for sharks onto you, our next diver. And we have made it our purpose to educate others about these feared, yet highly misunderstood creatures.

With specially designed cage systems that allow divers and non-divers the luxury of great white shark encounters, our goal has always been to unlock the amazing world of great white sharks to the general public. And we will do it, one diver at a time.

Don’t just dream it… live it. Become our next Shark Diver!

San Ignacio Lagoon is the only place in the world where gray whales swim up to pangas to be stroked, petted, kissed, and even hugged. It’s incredible. Interaction is entirely on the whales’ terms, with mama whales even pushing their calves against the side of the boats to be stroked. nobody should miss out on this experience.

San Ignacio Lagoon is one of three birthing and breeding gray whale lagoons in the world, all of which are located in Baja. San Ignacio is home to the densest population of whales with the most reliable encounters. It’s the only lagoon untouched by development. The whales start arriving in late-Novemeber and begin their long trek north to British Columbia and Alaska in the Spring