Is “BAD” really GOOD?

The shark dive at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji has been dubbed “The best shark dive in the world” by none other than shark diving pioneers Ron and Valerie Taylor.

Now Beqa Adventure Divers, the “Conservation project masquerading as a dive shop” that was instrumental in the creation of the reserve has received another great award. They were honored with the ANZ Excellence in Tourism award for Tourism Sustainability! This is a very prestigious award, being recognize as the best of the thousands of tourism businesses in Fiji! 

Congratulations to all the guys and gals at “BAD You are truly awesome!

Read more about the ANZ awards here

On a different note, I hope you guys are staying safe with Cyclone “Winston” heading your way. I’m looking forward to diving with you again in a couple of months.

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver
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