Sharks: Elegance in Black & White

RTSea Productions Seen in Google Ocean, this is a brief exercise in contrast with the sharks of the Bahamas. Black & white imagery has a stark beauty all its own and sharks make for good subjects – not distracted by color, the viewer can appreciate the fluid elegance of these important ocean creatures. Filmed by Richard Theiss; from RTSea Productions.

Great White Sharks: Glimpses of Beauty

RTSea Productions Stunning images of great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe, Baja from RTSea Productions. Compiled for Google Earth’s new ocean layer, this video presents the most majestic and misunderstood ocean predator as it truly is: graceful and powerful – and critical to maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem. Voice-over by Travis. To learn more, visit Google Earth’s new ocean layer and visit

Guadalupe Island: White Sharks & Seals The HD video is hosted by Natasha Stenbock and filled with stunning aerials, underwater, and land shots of Guadalupe Island. This unique environment has been thought of as the Mexican Galapagos Islands. Shark finning video courtesy of Sharkwater Productions. Contact Oceans Aloft LLC at for more info.

Guadalupe Conservation Fund White Shark Research

RTSea Productions A small but dedicated group of filmmakers, researchers, eco tour operators and dive boat owners banded together to create The Guadalupe Island Conservation Fund- a much needed non profit organization. It’s goal is to provide much needed funding to ongoing white shark research teams at the Bio-Sphere. Visit  

A View from Below – Official Film Trailer

Rooftop Pix Buy DVD at Amazon… “Homemade” and “submarine” are two words that don’t go together, but Karl Stanley has proven that convention wrong twice over. He designed and built two groundbreaking deep-sea submersibles with the creativity and resourcefulness of some of history’s greatest inventors. View From Below follows Karl Stanley in his unprecedented, controversial quest to “Go Deeper”. His determination and creativity will amaze and inspire you from the very beginning.

Deepsea exploration

UWproductions Depth: 2000ftBottom time: 5 hoursDescription:We did three submarine deep dives and were very lucky to find some amazing animals.First the Sea lily, one of the oldest creatures on earth. Then, plenty creatures, including conger ells, tinsel fish, angler fish, orange roughy, a purple octopus, a deep sea lobster and others. We also saw a huge six gill shark and at the end we were very luck to find the tiny and charismatic dumbo octopus.

Island of the Great White Shark – Trailer

RTSea Productions An award-winning documentary, Island of the Great White Shark is the first comprehensive look at the great white sharks of Isla Guadalupe, Baja; the ongoing scientific research taking place there; and the unique working relationship between shark ecotourism operators and the researchers. Viewers get up close with the sharks to get an accurate portrayal of these magnificent predators. Available on DVD. For more information, visit http://www.islandofthegreatwhiteshark…

Shark Ecotourism at Isla Guadalupe

RTSea Productions Produced by RTSea Productions for use in Google Earth’s new ocean layer, this video shows that there’s much more to Isla Guadalupe’s shark ecotourism than just an exciting adventure. Sharks are critical to maintaining a balanced marine ecosystem, and responsible ecotourism enlightens people to the threats sharks are facing today and the need to protect them. Voice-over by Travis. To learn more, visit Google Earth’s new ocean layer or visit