As most of you know, after the WA government stated that the shark cull was for a limited time, they are now trying to extend it for the next 3 years. The WA EPA is asking for comments from the public, and it is crunch time for getting those comments to the EPA and EPBC. The submission deadline is April 16 and Australia is a day ahead of our calender! So for all of you in Europe and the US, you need to get them in by April 15. Shark diving, swimming with sharks, cage diving, great white shark

"Da Shark" has put together a great list on his blog, with all the relevant links and suggestions.shark diving, swimming with sharks, cage diving
Click here and here for all the information you need to submit your comments.

Very important advice from "Da Shark", "As a reminder. Inform yourself before commenting and refrain from inflammatory language - remember you want them to do something positive, and they will not be amenable to your request if you call them names!"

Martin Graf
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