Western Australia has decided to open the shark cull policy to a Public Environmental Review. That is great news! There is a four week period for us to send in our submissions. They have not published an address for those comments to be sent to, which gives us time, to think about how to respond.
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Once again, Dashark"s has put together some excellent information for you, in his blog today.

There are a lot of links with information, that help with writing an effective letter to the Environmental Protection Authority.
Best company to dive with sharks
You can read his blog here.

Along with all the links, Dashark also gives some excellent advice, and I quote:
"But please, be careful with those submissions!
There will be a formal process and those dudes are not those maligned politicians but people that generally know what they are talking about and that are able to distinguish good arguments from sharkitarian BS. So once again, please spare yourselves the insults, the platitudes and the pathos and make sure that what you submit is grounded in fact, for which you will need to inform yourselves.
We at Shark Diver wholeheartedly agree with Dashark on this point. Remember, we are trying to convince someone who doesn't necessarily see things our way. Give them reasons to decide in our favor and not reasons to think we are a bunch of lunatics.
As soon as I hear of an address to send your thought to, I will let you know. In the meantime, take a look at all the information and work on that killer response to the EPA.
Martin Graf
Shark Diver 
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