Today, on Earth Day, as we are getting ready for our Fiji trip, to dive with bull sharks at the Beqa Shark Reef Marine Reserve, we get some news about why we love that place so much. It's not just because they have some of the best shark diving in the world.
5 years ago, DaShark started "Mangroves for Fiji" in order for Beqa Adventure Divers "BAD" (It really means "Bad Ass Divers") and other Fiji businesses to become carbon neutral. 

Whether it is their dive operation or their commitment to conservation, everything they do is a cut above. No wonder they describe themselves as a conservation project masquerading as a dive shop. You may remember, that it was also they who were instrumental in creating the first marine national park in Fiji.

Mangroves for Fiji  just released their website, "Mangroves for Fiji" where businesses can sign up to become carbon neutral. You can check out and like their Facebook page.

Projects Abroad, who is planting those mangroves on "BAD's" behalf has some exciting volunteer opportunities for you to help with their shark conservation program. Check here for details. I can tell you from personal experience, volunteering with them is a blast. You couldn't possibly have more fun, doing something for the environment, than working with Projects Abroad in Fiji. I had a blast, trying to tag some bull shark with them last year.

Shark Diver is proud to partner with "BAD" for our bull shark expedition in May. You can also book your shark dive with "BAD" for anytime of the year through us. Call us at 855.987.4275 or email for more info.
I can't wait to travel to Fiji next month and see the progress they have made first hand.

Have a great Earth Day!

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver
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