Not only does shark week sensationalize sharks. Now in their effort to "educate" people, they ask this.

I knew that the stripes can fade, but looking like a White Shark? Lets see, is this a tiger shark or a white shark below?

What am I? Tiger or White Shark?

How about this one?

I'm having an identity crisis. What am I? Tiger or White Shark?

Good job Discovery channel! I'm discovering more and more, that you are misinforming, instead of educating.

For anyone that is not familiar with the different shark species and doesn't know the difference between a Tiger- and a White-Shark, here are a couple of full body shots of both.

First the White Sharks. Note the shape of the nose, the eyes, the gills, the shape of the dorsal fin and the tail.

Now the Tiger Sharks, look at the same areas.

Instead of putting out a trivia question with a misleading answer, wouldn't it have be nice, if they actually showed what differentiates these two species?

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver

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