National Geographic reported today that Eugenie Clark, an American marine biologist who fell in love with sharks as a child with her nose pressed against an aquarium tank—and whose research on the much maligned species earned her the nickname "Shark Lady"—died Wednesday morning in Sarasota, Florida. She was 92.

Photograph by David Doubilet    
Eugenie Clark was an inspiration to generations of ocean explorers and had a special passion for sharks. She was one of the first to disspell  as stupid and deadly. After the movie "Jaws" hit the theaters, she wrote and article in National Geographic titled  "Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood."

You can read the National Geographic obituary here  and you can find out more about this inspirational woman here.

Thank you Eugenie, for your passion and inspiration. I hope you're out there exploring new worlds.

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver 

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