Strange things are happening in Australia. According to a report on sharkyear magazine and the international business times a shark has been sentenced to death, because of a suspected attack on a diver. "A catch and kill order was issued and staff have been sent to the dive area about 180km east of Esperance to deploy capture gear."

While reading the article I realized, that victim was diving in an area that is known for various species of large sharks "A spokesman for Surf Life Saving said the coast off Esperance was dangerous for divers, as many big sharks are seen in the area on a regular basis. The species of shark is unknown, but both tiger sharks and great white sharks are known to the area."

So how are they going to determine which shark
to kill, if they don't even know the species that was responsible for the attack? Now I can understand the urge to do something to make the ocean safer for divers after an attack, but to just go out and indiscriminately catch and kill a shark doesn't accomplish anything.

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver

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