Da Shark has discovered a new shark blog and after just two posts we have become fans.

Of course that's also after a few Kalik Beers at one of our favorite Out Island Bahamas watering holes that happens to have crackin' Internet.

And why, you might well ask, would we be fans of another shark blog? It's in our DNA to celebrate and welcome those who are willing to share a voice for the industry and for our sharks.

In case you require proof there's this here, and this here (got some heat for that one) and more if you look (beers getting warmer by the minute).

This new shark blog hails from South Africa and the central hotbed for shark diving and shark conservation in Gansbaai. And may we say it's about bloody time someone grew a pair of steaming hot bolas and got on to the Internet to blog about South African shark diving.

Fact is if you do a Google search for Gansbaai most of the shark media is coming from mainstream sources and this is Gansbaai people, "the cradle of the shark diving industry." Thank god we got ourselves an actual industry blogger with, apparently, a sense of humor who understands nuance and the complex world of the commercial shark diving.

Some advice from an old shark blogger who has enjoyed over 1.8 million page views and who would really like to see your new shark blog survive and flourish past the industry standard 8 posts:

1. Post from the heart - don't give a shit about conventional wisdom, stay away from any dive show that features, "industry leaders," and blog like you care. Fact is those who have formed an opinion about you did so years ago based on hearsay and group chatter. They are as irrelevant as the latest regulator innovation (now in PINK) and as useless to the industry as a third teat.

2. Post smart - don't be an idiot. Along with posting from the heart comes the responsibility of posting smart, make sure you are leading with some ideas, solutions, and ways of looking past the "today meme."

3. Post with legacy - be aware that blogging is really all about putting out a soapbox and letting anyone with an opinion have that opinion based on what you have written. If it is controversial it will get a lot of traction, if it is bland no one will care, so something in the middle will be your legacy, these will be the posts you are remembered by.

4. Facebook shark people are idiots - yes they are, they do not read past 15 characters and usually respond to moronic images from 2005 of puppies being fed to sharks with the title, "Sign this petition to stop Chinese from feeding puppies to sharks." Those Facebook posts get over 15K responses and every single person on those threads are...idiots, well meaning but idiots none the less. If you cannot see past the hype and feel compelled to "like" every half baked image of bikini clad bimbettes riding sharks or headgear challenged industry folks finger banging a Tiger shark you are not helping the industry much.

5. Post and post and post - don't stop posting because that's what's needed in our industry. Independent voices and strong ideas, direction, focus. Explore and shout your thoughts out, always give props where they are warranted, always feel free to point out those who are taking a global industry and dragging it into the gutter or bringing it up from the dark ages with smart ideas.

6. Ideas are dangerous - remember that one. If your smart posts are met by industry folks with with monosyllabic grunts and whistles it will give you some indication of how the cream (the pure expressions of ideas) always rises while all the rest ends up in the dustbin of history. 

Lest you be tagged as a Trash Talking Blog Dog own it. It means that you are being read and your ideas are reaching those who just might take your ideas to heart making a global industry a better place in the process.


Patric Douglas
Shark Diver
Currently enjoying semi-retirement

About Shark Diver. As a global leader in commercial shark diving and conservation initiatives Shark Diver has spent the past decade engaged for sharks around the world. Our blog highlights all aspects of both of these dynamic and shifting worlds. You can reach us directly at sharkcrew@gmail.com.