We at Shark Diver believe in "Safe and Sane" shark diving. The example in the video below is how NOT to dive with sharks.

Ataque provocado de un tiburón. OJO IMÁGENES FUERTES que pueden herir la sensibilidad del espectador.El ser humano es lo más estúpido que he descubierto en mi vida.
Posted by Buceo Recreativo on Tuesday, January 26, 2016
For years we have warned about how stupid and dangerous it is to ride, hug and harass sharks in the Ocean. So here you see first hand what can happen, when you don't respect the sharks. They are not mindless killers, but neither are they pets that just want to be hugged. If you love sharks like I do, you respect them for what they are and are not trying to make them into something they are not.

Diving with Great Whites from the safety of a cage.

We at Shark Diver offer "Safe and Sane" diving expeditions, where you get to see sharks up close and personal, without any touching or harassing of the sharks.

Up close and personal. No touching needed.

I always say "I absolutely love sharks, but it is not a mutual feeling". The sharks don't love me, it's not in their nature and that is absolutely fine with me.

Let's go shark diving and see what these magnificent creatures are all about. No touching, no hugging, just enjoying the awesome feeling of being in their presence.

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver
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