We have a new friend at Isla Guadalupe. Meet "Myla" our new addition to the photo ID database. She's a beautiful female!Cage diving with great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe. shark diving,

I can't wait to go back there this fall and see all our old friends again. If we find a new one, we will add it to our growing list of great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe. So far, we have over 150 sharks identified. All of our new sharks have to get a name. We don't want to say "this is #7", we yell it's "Bruce"! And that would not be possible without the database.

If you would like to support this valuable, ongoing research project, you can do so, by sponsoring and naming a shark. Anyone interested can get more info by clicking here.

All our divers will also be able to participate in this study, by donating the use of their pictures to this database. If we identify a new shark on one of our science expeditions, (we have only one space left on Nov.11) our divers will get to name it. How cool is that?!

Other than that one space on Nov. 11, we only have a few spaces left on Aug. 12, 17 and 23. All the other expeditions are sold out.

Welcome to the family "Mayla" I hope we'll see you in the fall.

Martin Graf
Shark Diver

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