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Our shark divers come from near and far to experience something many only talk about, to experience their own real shark week. Those who take the leap of faith to live a dream to dive with apex predators, simply love sharks and are fascinated by their mystery. Many have held an ongoing curiosity of sharks since childhood or have placed the idea of diving at the top of their bucket list. Now, we have made it easy to travel from home to the ocean, to dive with these massive fish of the deep.

We created Shark Diver just for you! Nearly 2 decades and thousands of newly minted shark divers later, we are still going strong. It is our desire to spill our love for sharks onto you, our next diver. And we have made it our purpose to educate others about these feared, yet highly misunderstood creatures.

With specially designed cage systems that allow divers and non-divers the luxury of white shark encounters, and open water diving opportunities with bull and tiger sharks, our goal has always been to unlock the amazing world of sharks to the general public. And we will do it, one diver at a time.

Don’t just dream it… live it. Become our next Shark Diver!

Shark Diver CEO
Martin Graf

There are two types of shark people. Those who dream about sharks and shark diving, and those who live it. Meet Martin Graf, Shark Diver’s CEO, Shark Citizen Scientist, and Pro Photographer. When it comes to sharks there are few people on the planet who have spent as much time face to face with these magnificent creatures. Martin lives and breathes sharks and has overseen our Isla Guadalupe white shark dive site for nearly 20 years.

Want to know why a particular shark has a scar? Martin was there that day in 2004 when Bite Face got his name. Ask him about the shark’s  3-foot ragged tear on his jaw or about Screaming Mimi’s kinked tail or about the infamous Shredder. He can identify the majority of sharks as they swim by the cages. Now, that’s a good memory. There are over 300!

He’ll tell you all about how white sharks heal up quickly and other interesting facts about his underwater friends. Martin is the keeper of Guadalupe’s shark secrets. He is always more than willing to share them with you over a morning cup of coffee at Guadalupe Island.

When not running shark operations out at sea, Martin is onshore preparing our divers for their upcoming adventure. He also works with Princess Cruises as an on-board presenter of everything ‘shark.’ Martin hails from Switzerland but has lived in California for most of his life. He is ready to speak fluent “European” with his fellow foreign divers.

Martin has also been on the front lines for shark conservation working with the Guadalupe Photo ID Project, now over 2 decades old. He has helped to identify over 300 unique sharks at this site. Martin has collaborated with the main shark research team at the island (CICIMAR) and has appeared in numerous shark conservation film and television productions over the years.

Martin is a seasoned dive instructor with over 10’000 dives to his credit and has logged over 80,000 nautical miles to Guadalupe and back. Martin will take you into the shark cages, help you with your regulator breathing if necessary, and capture that one-of-a-kind photo or video of you and a shark smiling together underwater if the opportunity presents itself.

He can’t wait for you to join him. Let’s go shark diving!

We’re pretty friendly around here, after all we get to play with sharks for a living, join us!

Shark diver director of communications
Cindy Michaels

Meet Cindy Michaels, also referred to as Ocean, our Director of Communications.

Cindy is somewhat of an international rock star, as she gained worldwide attention for leaving her news directing and anchoring role, while on the air, citing poor ethical and work conditions.

Millions supported her as she stood up for what she believed in, and we do as well! Her goal was to find a company she could trust; one that is honest, stands by its people and cares about the well-being of the oceans and their inhabitants.  We are happy to say that Cindy found Shark Diver to be that company.

Ocean not only loves the sea and all of its creatures, but she also has a fond attachment to San Diego, hometown of Shark Diver. Born in California, Cindy is now back home in America’s Finest City, where she lived before her 15-year television and radio career in Maine. In addition to her vast experience in radio and television, Cindy is also a published writer, public speaker, and promotions specialist.  Her love is for the sea, as well as those who are drawn to its mysteries. She is excited to talk to each and every diver who is thinking about taking a trip into the blue to witness its remarkable creatures, be it tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerheads or great whites.  If there is anything you need, let Ocean know.  She is here to help and ready to make shark diving an experience you will never forget!