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Deep Sub Shark Adventures

Deep Sub Shark Adventures

Discover the deepest diving non-commercial shark diving submarine on the planet, and go where few humans have been before – beyond imagination. In 2005 Shark Divers CEO and adventurer Patric Douglas discovered this remarkable operation and spent 6 hours on a sea cliff wall at 1700′ staring into the deep green eyes of a 18 foot Six Gill shark. “It was a pinnacle moment for me, surrounded by an eerily quiet moonscape and deep water creatures that I had never seen before outside of a marine lab. I thought at that moment that it does not get much better than this.” While unique, this adventure is also a pinnacle shark diving adventure, it’s something that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Shark Diver is the only commercial shark diving operation on the planetto offer deep submarine adventures to dive with pre-historic Six Gill sharks (Hexanchus griseus) on the Cayman Trench at depths up to 2000′. The Six Gills we will be encountering normally live at depths in excess of 6000′ and can grow to an astounding 20 feet in length. Typically the sharks you will encounter will be on the huge side as these are true deep water monster sharks, not the much smaller cousins you’ll find on some tanked dives elsewhere in the world.

Unless you work for Woods Hole or have an unlimited budget like deep water filmmaker James Cameron, this kind of adventure is just not available to the general public…until now.

The Cayman Trench Roatan Honduras

The massive submarine trench located on the floor of the western Caribbean Sea between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands extends from the Windward Passage at the southeastern tip of Cuba toward Guatemala. The relatively narrow trough trends east-northeast to west-southwest and has a maximum depth of 25,216 feet (7,686 m), the deepest point in the Caribbean Sea. This is where you’ll dive with Shark Diver in search of one of the oceans rarest and largest sharks. It’s an extreme diving adventure that lives up to every sense of the word.

What is the submarine?

The vehicle is a one-of-a-kind deep diving submersible designed and custom built for this exact location. It is designed to carry three people to 3,000 feet. It is the first time in history a submersible has been designed of three different sized spheres. It is perhaps one of the most unique undersea vehicles ever constructed. This submarine takes two guests at a time. The dives last up to 6 hours and you will be leaving at 11.00pm in the evening with a return to your hotel in the early am.

Vehicle features and safety?

  • Huge 30-inch diameter viewing port for its passengers; powerful lights, one “positional” for lighting up moving sharks nine view ports for the pilot/clients can see in every direction comfortable seating for extended length diving up to 6 hours a built in CD sound system.
  • Twin ballast compartments twin high-pressure air systems a 350-pound droppable lead weight fully redundant propulsion systems with no rudder dive planes or other moving parts to jam
  • Three days of emergency life support.

What hotel do I stay at?

We highly suggest you book a week long dive vacation with the famous Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan who has been serving up the spirit of adventure with relish, including diving spectacular reefs, interacting with dolphins, and much more while never forgetting comfort or hospitality. In the world of shark diving you can go where others go or you can discover something that few others on the planethave ever seen before.

One day sub dives?

If you are just visiting Roatan for a shorter period of time call us and we can arrange a submarine shark dive weather and conditions permitting.

Film and television productions?

This is perhaps one of the most remarkable shark dive sites on the planet bar none. It has been featured on National Geographic, Animal Planet and in several documentaries. Unique show concepts we have developed at Shark Divers from “Undersea Undertakers” to an in-depth tagging and tracking mission have yet to be explored. This is also a natural 3D site. Call us and let’s talk deep water sharks. In 2009 the Idabel was upgraded with high definition lighting and outside mounts for all camera rigs making this site more accessible to productions.