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Shark Diving Packages

Make 2015 and 2016 your years. The year you discover big sharks and shark diving in remarkable locations with Shark Diver. In just ten minutes from now you could be on your way and we’re looking forward to meeting you. The next step is an email.

Welcome to the wild world of shark diving.

GLG10_CA1110-225We have the vessels, dive sites and even the submarines to service all your worldwide shark diving needs. If you are basing your shark diving decision on price alone, add safety to that equation. If you happen to be searching for the right vessel and shark crews we have the choices, dates and staff to make your next shark dive adventure as good as it can get – call us today to take advantage of our 2015 and 2016 premier shark expedition dates where weather and sharks converge to offer the best of the best.

Of course you don’t have to take our word for it, a quick read through Craig Reynolds  Guadalupe Island shark diving article in the Vancouver Sun should get you introduced to shark diving in a way only a diver who has been there can. Craig’s not just a reporter, he’s also newly minted Shark Diver from 2010.

When it comes to shark diving always go with those who have the experience, the background and the track record, and don’t forget, Shark Diver guarantees sharks. If you fail to see sharks on any of our expeditions we’ll bring you back again until you do. After all with a name like “Shark Diver” we operate to a higher calling and at sites where sharks are actually guaranteed.

Does your other shark diving choice offer this?

If they don’t, they should. Let’s go shark diving!

Image by Jim Cornfield.

Guadalupe Great White Sharks

$3195 per person
All inclusive, 5 days.

Featuring one of the top rated, and safest, shark diving vessels operating out of San Diego five minutes from San Diego International Airport.

Bahamas – Tiger Beach

$3300 per person
All inclusive, 8 days.
Tiger sharks, Lemon Sharks and Reef Sharks. Plus you may get to snorkel with Spotted Dolphins, reef dives, wreck dives and more.

Deep Sub Shark Adventures

$3900 per person
Discover the deepest diving non-commercial submarine on the planet, and go where few humans have been before – beyond imagination.

Private Charter/Elite Services

By Request
Go with the team who knows elite. Our yacht services are geared towards adventure diving and pristine shark encounters.